Film & Theater Production


Zur Zeit produziert Adrenalin Studios das Berliner Cabaret Ereignis FULL MOON CABARET,


Design Victoria Linchong

ein immersives Konzept für ein Varieté Theater im Stile der 1920er / 1930er Jahre in Berlin, welches monatlich zum Vollmond veranstaltet wird. Auftakt bildete der “Blut Mond” am 16. Oktober 2016. Die nächste Ausgabe, der “Kalte Mond” am 16.12.2016.

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Our past productions:

In 2015/2016 Adrenalin Studios supported the development of an all-black cast production of Ibsens HEDDA GABLER in a Berlin onsite production with John Gould Rubin as a Director.

In 2015/2016 engagierte sich Adrenalin Studios für eine ortspezifische Produktion von Ibsens “Hedda Gabler” unter der Regie von John Gould Rubin. Dabei wurden Lesungen mit einer durchgängig afrodeutschen Besetzung organisiert.

In New York City produzierte Adrenalin Studios THE EROTICA PROJECT von Erin Cressida Wilsin und Liilian Ann Slugocki. Regie führte John Gould Rubin. Ebenfalls von Erin Cressida Wilson produzierte Adrenalin Studios in Kooperation mit der Labyrinth Theater Company (LAB) THE TRAIL OF HER INNER THIGH. Ferner waren wir beteiligt an der originären LAB Produktion von Stephen Adler Guirgis’ JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN, bei der Philip Seymour Hofmann Regie führte sowie bei den Produktionen STOPLESS und A TASTE OF HONEY.



March 21 – April 14 2001

By Erin Cressida Wilson
Directed by John Gould Rubin
Produced by Wolfgang J. Fischer

Quincy Tyler Bernstine
Jennifer Hall
Laura Hughes
Gina Maria Paoli
Johnny Sanchez

The Trail of her Inner Thigh stars Johnny Sanchez as a man trying to connect with four women in his life.

“There is a strange, wicked pull to it!”
– The New York Times

“Intense waking dream, frenetic, funny, frightening.”
– The New York Times

“Like a hit of heroin- the story kicks in.”
– TimeOut New York



January 5 – 29 2000

Written by David Deblinger
Directed by John Gould Rubin

Maggie Burke
Tomokoh Miyagi
David Deblinger
Justin Reinsilber

The story of two obsessive boys, one a slave to religious ecstasy, the other to sexual pleasure, Stopless takes the sons apart as their mother discovers their compulsive desires.

“Fine performances of all involved“
– Time Out New York




July 18 – August 12 2000

Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman

Elizabeth Canavan
Salvatore Inzerillo
Ron Cephas Jones
John Ortiz
David Zayas

Jesus Hopped the A Train centers around Angel Cruz, who is a young bike messenger who lost his best friend to a religious cult, and awaits trial for shooting the cult leader in the buttocks.

“It illuminates the two prisoners with the vigor of its eloquent language…Jesus Hopped the A Train is well worth boarding.”
– Evening Standard

“It is impossible to praise the electrifying performances in Philip Seymour Hoffmans remorselessly intense production too highly.”
– The Daily Telegraph

“Crackling Performances.”
– The New York Times

The erotica project

The Erotica Project

Written by Erin Cressida Wilson and Lillian Ann Slugocki
Directed by John Gould Rubin
Produced by Wolfgang J. Fischer

Laura Hughes
Elina Loewenson
Christine Sang
Christen Clifford
Kit Flanagan

“The straight feminine mystique stayed under wraps until now – Political correctness explodes”
– Art in America

“This is sexy.”
– The New York Post

“Excellent. A Sexual titillation.”
-The New York Times

“Anais Nins mood of hushed pleas and wicked groans … exploit every square inch of the smoky environment of Joe’s Pub”
– The Village Voice